The balm contains natural essential oils of camphor, peppermint, eucalyptus leaves, Chinese cinnamon and levomenthol. It has a tonic, calming and warming effect.
Active ingredients: Liquid paraffin 36.00, Levomenthol 22.40, Peppermint oil 18.40, Camphor racemic 8.80, Flavoring Green mediol 0.70, Clove oil 0.46, Chinese cinnamon oil 0.38, Betacarotin dye 0.035.
Indications / Application Notes
When applied to the skin, essential oils have a tonic, warming and calming effect. Evaporating from the surface of the skin, the active components of essential oils have a beneficial effect on the human body and create the effect of aromatherapy.
Pregnancy, breastfeeding, individual intolerance to any component of the balm. Damage to the skin, the presence of skin diseases in the areas of application of the balm (pyoderma, dermatitis, eczema). Epilepsy, tendency to cramps, spasmophilia, bronchial asthma.
Mode of application
The balm is applied with a thin layer on the painful areas of the skin and rubbed (with headache - in the temples, the back of the head; with colds, the back and chest are rubbed, with a cold - nose wings). To scare away blood-sucking insects, a small amount of balm is applied to exposed areas of the skin. When an insect bites, the balm is applied to the site of the bite. Zvezdochka balm should be applied to the skin with light massaging movements in the necessary parts of the body, including in the area of active and reflexogenic points. For the correct use of the balm during rubbing and massage, lightly smear the skin at a certain active or painful point. It is necessary to massage it easily, without tension, until the skin turns pink and a sensation of warmth appears. The procedure is carried out 2-4 times a day. Inhalations with the addition of Zvezdochka balm are very effective, especially during outbreaks of respiratory viral infections.
Side effects
Allergic (skin irritation, erythema, rash, peeling, itching, discoloration, urticaria, contact dermatitis) and bronchospastic reactions are possible. In young children, apnea and collapse may develop when applying a balm in the nose.
Special instructions
Do not apply balm to large areas of the body.
Release form
Balm for external use; 16 g each in a glass jar, well closed with a screw-on tin lid. Each jar is placed in a cardboard box. Instructions for use are inside the pack.
Storage conditions
In a dry place protected from light, inaccessible to children, at a temperature of no higher than +25°C.
Shelf life
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