Pediculicidal agent
Shampoo Hygienics is a traditional and proven tool used to eliminate lice and nits. The main active ingredient in the composition - permethrin, is a safe instecticide, is approved for use for adults and children from 5 years. In the kit there is a special comb for the mechanical elimination of lice and nits.
Active substance: permethrin 1%. Excipients: cocamido-propyl betaine, sodium С10-С16 alkyl ethoxysulfate, PEG-18 glyceryl oleate / cocoate, benzyl alcohol, cocamide, sodium chloride, polysorbate 80, disodium edetate, citric acid (E330), apricot / mint flavor, dye "Solar sunset "yellow (E110), purified water.
Indications / Application Notes
For the destruction of head and pubic lice in adults and children over 5 years old.
It is not recommended for use in children under five years of age, pregnant and lactating women, as well as people with various skin diseases, or with allergies to medical and cosmetic products.
Mode of application
Shake well before use! Apply Hygienic to moistened scalp hair, rubbing it into the hair roots. In order to improve the effects of the drug, wait 20 minutes. Then rinse off the treated parts of the head with running warm water. To eliminate dead lice and nits, you need to carefully comb the hair with a small comb, which is included in the kit.
Special instructions
Special instructions and precautions: If allergic reactions occur during the use of the drug, its use should be discontinued. When using Hygienic shampoo, avoid contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes and nasopharynx. Before processing the hair, a cotton scarf, wrapped in a cord, should be tied around the head (below the hair). If shampoo gets into your eyes or mouth, rinse thoroughly with water. If you accidentally swallow the drug, you must urgently consult a doctor. You should refrain from prolonged use of the drug. In case of infection in such public places as kindergartens, kindergartens, schools, it is recommended to use the drug once a week as a prophylaxis during the existence of the risk of infection. For mass use, healthcare providers should use gloves if shampooing is carried out by the same person. Observe the rules of personal hygiene (wash hands at the end of work). If infection occurs in the family, it is recommended that all family members undergo treatment with the drug for prevention. In some places where skin interacts, shampoo can cause contact dermatitis.
Release form
Bottle 60 ml complete with comb for mechanical elimination of lice and nits, placed in a cardboard box In some places where skin interacts, shampoo can cause contact dermatitis.
Storage conditions
Store at a temperature of 15 ° С-25 ° С out of the reach of children!
Shelf life
3 years