Pediculicidal agent
Lotion from lice and nits Hygienica plus is a universal pediculicidal combination. The composition of the product includes 2 groups of active substances: demythicone, which is not an insecticide, as well as plant components - lavender oil and extract from the leaves of the Nim tree. Approved for use by adults and children from 3 years. The kit contains a special comb for the mechanical elimination of lice and nits.
Active substances: Nem tree leaf extract - 5%, Dimethicone - 4%, Lavender oil - 0.1%, Cyclopentasiloxane - up to 100%
Indications / Application Notes
As a means to destroy head lice and nits in adults and children from 3 years.
It is not recommended to treat children under the age of three years, pregnant and lactating women, as well as people with individual intolerance, with various skin diseases, or sensitive to any of the components of the product.
Mode of application
1. Check the presence of lice and nits in all family members using the special scallop included in the kit. Inspection is best done on dry hair in good light. Pre comb your hair well, then lock by lock and do a few combing. Pay attention to the areas of the most frequent localization of lice and nits - behind the ears and in the lower part of the nape. After each combing, wipe the comb with a white cloth. In case of a head lesion with lice, parasites will be clearly visible on a napkin. In all family members who have lice, it is necessary to carry out treatment at the same time to avoid re-infection with parasites. 2. Shake the bottle before use, then apply the required amount of Hygiene Plus to dry hair until it is completely moisturized. With massaging movements, distribute the product evenly along the entire length of the hair: from roots to ends. Long and especially thick hair should be processed in strands. Leave the “Hygienics Plus” product on your hair for 15 minutes. 3. 15 minutes after applying the product, add the required amount of water and shampoo to your hair and whip the foam. Rinse the product thoroughly with warm running water. In case of problems with rinsing, absorbent paper towels can be used. To whip the foam, you should use egg yolk, and to remove fat - corn starch, which adsorbs the remnants of the product. 4. Remove lice and nits with the special comb provided. Before combing, divide long and thick hair into strands. Consistently comb each strand of hair from roots to ends. After each combing, clean the comb with a cloth. 5. If necessary, re-treat with Hygienic Plus after 7-10 days. If there is any doubt about the effectiveness of the treatment, repeating the procedure ensures that accidentally remaining nits or lice are destroyed. It is also important to observe cleanliness in the home, to comply with sanitary and hygienic rules. It is especially important to process bedding and personal items. Processing of linen consists in boiling for 20 minutes with any washing powder. Careful ironing of linen also leads to the death of lice and nits. It is necessary to wash brushes, combs, hairpins, and other objects that family members used before processing. The apartment and the car must be thoroughly vacuumed and, if possible, treated with disinfectants.
Special instructions
For external use only! To avoid getting the product on the mucous membranes of the eyes and nasopharynx, before processing the hair, a rolled cotton scarf should be tied around the head (below the hair). If the product gets on the mucous membrane of the mouth, eyes or nose, rinse thoroughly with plenty of warm water. When using contact lenses, it is recommended to remove them before using the product. If irritation, itching, rash on the skin appears when using the product, thoroughly rinse this area with warm water and consult a doctor if necessary. In case of spillage, remove residues with a cloth and water.
Release form
Bottle 60 ml with comb for mechanical elimination of lice and nits, placed in a cardboard box
Storage conditions
Store at a temperature of 15 ° С-25 ° С out of the reach of children!
Shelf life
3 years